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Not Sure where to start? I have been on and off for the past year active here and active there. It has been brought to my attention that my Dropbox Link's no longer work. Turns out that Dropbox changed the file permissions and will not let me share the files anymore, I have Moved my files to another cloud that allows me to share via Link. Now with out further adieu, please enjoy the provided :).

If the Links die again please let me know and I will change Cloud Services again.

2012 Volkswagen Golf R Maintenance Schedule for USA

2012 VW Golf R Fluid Capacity Chart

2012-2013 Golf R – Tech Tips- Plastic Tube in Coolant Reservoir

2013 Golf, GTI & Golf R Quick Reference Specification Book

2013 Maintenance Card USA Golf R October 2012

2013 Volkswagen Golf R Maintenance Schedule for USA

2013 Volkswagen VIN Decoder (except Routan)

2013 VW Golf R Fluid Capacity Chart

Immobilizer III Service Procedures

Revised Oil Capacity Job Aid

VW Warranty QRG WEB SEPT 2013

Warranty Policies and Procedures Manual

New Items/Misc. PDF's
Volkswagen Guide to Warning Indicator Lights

2010-2012 Golf-GTI-R Service Xpress FINAL

2013-2014 Golf-GTI-R Service Xpress FINAL

2012 Golf R Technical Specification Sheet

2013 Golf R Technical Specification Sheet


Fuse Panels
Side Note: I cannot Verify if these are 100% Accurate as they are not specific to our car but rather a combination of the different variations of the MK6 Golf based Lineup. Partial-correction, Engine Fuse Section B is Specific to Golf R see note in PDF, also verified with ABS Module being F2(Golf R Specific) vs F4(FWD Specific) I willl clean up the Charts in Later version :)

Engine Fuse Box

Interior Fuse Box

Please stay tuned, more to come :)

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I'm basically just posting to thank you for all the extra stuff you've added since your original infodump from over a year ago. And bump the thread so more people will see it :cool:
Are you able to add fuse box diagrams to the sticky?
There is no PDF for the fuse box and I am out of town at the moment. I am working with a close friend to get some kind of information pertaining to both box's.

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The Golf R oil capacity is STILL different on the two new XPress sheets you posted. That is most strange, as Spock would say.
VWOA did it that way I wish they would stay concise but alas they didn't. I'd say if you are in the range of the two you should be fine. As both have the same engine. Only thing is if you have done the oil sensor pan (oem oil temp Mod) and such you might need a hair bit more oil.

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Hello all,

I have a question, is Haldex every 30k miles? or every 3 years? Question is one part of the pdf shows it at every 30k mile intervals while at the bottom says 3 years regardless of miles.

Main Reason asking is i just started long commute 90% of miles are done through Highways. I am about to reach 60kmiles but my last haldex service was done @ 30K 1yr 6months ago. Not sure to wait or do it now

Thank You,
Whichever comes first, in your case 30k miles happened first. The 3year is most likely due to some people like myself may only drive 10-12k miles per year while some may drive even less, while for those who drive often they would rather save your haldex vs possibly have a problem with old fluid/used fluid and possible Debris from wear and tear.
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