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Golf R oil weight

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The owners manual states that 5W-30 or 5W-40 can be used but the sticker in engine compartment states 5W-30. I’m a new owner of a 2019 R so I found that to be interesting. I’m planning on using 5W-30 since two places note 5W-30. Does anyone use 5W-40?
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When I took my 2018 to the dealership for it's first free oil change, I looked up the part number they added and it was a 505.01 5w-40. Dunno what came in there from the factory, but it's stock still and I've noticed nothing behaving any differently.
The 30/40wt designations are a bit too coarse to really call this out, but the viscosities of many certified 5-30/0-40 oils are a lot closer than you may get think. Taking M1 Euro 0-40 and M1 ESP 5-30, for example, the former is 12.9cSt @100C and the latter is 11.8. If you look at HTHS @150C, they're even closer at 3.6/3.5 respectively.
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I have a 2019, I have the 0w30 VW504 00 sticker

on the VW.ca site for the maintenance schedule:

-Castrol EDGE Professional oil change 0W20 SYNTEC
Sounds like an error on the site. 0w-20 is what the spec is for non-R cars. There's an Edge Professional 0w-30 with the 504.00/507.00 spec, though. There are loads of oils with that spec in 5w-30, but the 0w variants are few and far in between. As far as oils available in my market are concerned, Mobil 1 ESP 0w-30 and Penzoil Platinum Euro LX 0w-40 are the only other ones I see. Motul, Liqui-Moly, etc. have em, but only as imports.
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