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I've seen a few threads on multiple forums saying the '19s require a VW508 spec 0w-20. Is that only for the GTI?

That being said, I wouldn't run a 20 weight oil in the car. Since I doubt the '19 has a significantly different motor than the '15-'18, I would stick with a VW502 spec oil as a bare minimum. I run German (Belgian) Castrol, which comes in a 0w-40 or 0w-30 weight. In general, it's better than the US spec stuff that sage149 posted because Europe has stricter oil standards than the US and it holds better certifications like MB229.5. I don't know a ton about oil, but that's supposedly one of the more strict certifications. It's also easy to find, either random sales on Amazon or WalMart. I mainly run the 0w-40, and while I only have 13k miles, it does include 4 track days and the oil level doesn't change in between oil changes.

Honestly, I think any good quality Euro formula with a VW502 spec as a bare minimum is going to be fine and I doubt you'll see any significant difference from a 40 weight vs a 30 weight. In my not so knowledgeable head, I just see most Euro spec formulas are 40 weight, and since I take mine to the track, the additional weight should help a bit more so I chose the 40 weight oil since it's still recommended.

To Mattkosem, 505.01 is a turbo diesel specification and I'm not sure how applicable that spec is for our cars. I have seen some posts on the FB groups where people are claiming the dealers are mixing up diesel engine oil with gas engine oil because they both have that 505.01 on it and the bottles look almost identical. Be wary when purchasing.

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