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Golf R oil weight

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The owners manual states that 5W-30 or 5W-40 can be used but the sticker in engine compartment states 5W-30. I’m a new owner of a 2019 R so I found that to be interesting. I’m planning on using 5W-30 since two places note 5W-30. Does anyone use 5W-40?
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I’ve decided to go with 0w 30 synthetic oil. Mobil 1 makes one for a reasonable price in a 5 qt jug. However, I don’t see anywhere that it has VW 504 00 certification/standard. I’ve used Mobil 1 for years. It relatively cheap compared to Motul. Does it matter if it‘s not officially VW 504 00?
Yes. Regular 0w30 may not have the HTHS that 502.00 and 504.00 requires (3.5 MPa minimum), so it will trade off engine wear for some improved fuel economy.
Thanks for the feedback. Do any of you have this sticker in your engine compartment?

Mobil does have a 0w30 and 504.00 approved oil, it is ESP X1 0w30. It's harder to find though.


Advanced Fuel Economy 0w30 does not met the engine sticker requirement as it is 0w30 AND 504.00
I personally use the Castrol 0W-40 that meets the VW 502 spec. Per the Bob is the Oil Guy forums, it’s one of the best oils out there and is available at a great price from Wal-Mart, at ~$25 per 5qt jug. I’d use this oil in any VW and not think twice.

Note - I would only use a 504 oil if I did regular oil analysis to determine when the oil needs to be changed, since 504 oils are designed for markets with low-sulfur gas and the US doesn’t yet mandate the use of low-sulfur gas. The 504 oils will not last for extended drain intervals (>5000 miles).

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One of the best oils? It's a blend of about 50% synthetic and 50% fossil oil so how does it qualify?

And VW specifies 10,000 mile oil change intervals for oil that doesn't protect for more than 5,000 miles?
The EPA did mandate the use of low-sulfur gas back in 2017. It's going to take some time for the states to catch up.
Maybe an ignorant question, but what's the advantage to using Mobile 1 ESP over the standard Mobile 1 European Synthetic?
ESP is 504.00 and has a lower NOACK Volatility, which some believe lower NOACK is better for limited intake valve deposits.
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