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Golf R oil weight

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The owners manual states that 5W-30 or 5W-40 can be used but the sticker in engine compartment states 5W-30. I’m a new owner of a 2019 R so I found that to be interesting. I’m planning on using 5W-30 since two places note 5W-30. Does anyone use 5W-40?
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Thanks for the feedback. Do any of you have this sticker in your engine compartment?

Note that these stickers say different things, depending on model year.

Mobil 1 0W-40 here, meets the 502 spec and is widely available at a reasonable price.

I change at change at 12 month intervals per the service indicator because of low annual mileage (~5K miles).


Scroll to see which are VW 502 vs VW 504 compliant. No idea what the change was for. Might have to do with fuel economy. Maybe carbon build-up issues?
Given that the on-car oil stickers seem to vary with model year, now that we're in 2020 I'd be happier with a document dated more recently than October 2017. (Yes, I've noticed that the link shows 1/22/2018 as the date, but the document itself is dated 10/25/2017.)

That doesn't mean it's not up to date, but neither does it instill confidence that it is. It would be no bad thing for VAG to reissue the guide annually with the model year switchover, whether there are actual changes or not.

Agreed, but I couldn't find a more comprehensive list that was more up to date. I'm assuming that it hasn't been updated because the ratings haven't changed since then.
Just to clarify, my comment was not at all intended to ding you, but rather VAG. Yeah, as far as anyone can tell — and I had also searched a few months ago for my wife's Audi Q5 — that's the most current doc.

Wow - even the M1 site calls out 0w20 for the 2019 R. Am i the only person who feels really uncomfortable using a 20 weight oil in a turbo motor? That just seems plain nuts no matter who makes the oil.
You definitely are not the only one. I'm old enough to have used 20W-something performance oils, so the idea of something W-20 makes me squirm.

There's nothing wrong with 0W20 oil in engines that are spec'd for it--but this engine isn't spec'd for it.
Agreed on both counts.

In any case it's my brain that isn't spec'd to accept 0W20 ;-)

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