It seems that the Golf R SportWagen feels quite at home lapping the Nürburgring, as it has been spotted there several times in various states of camouflage throughout the development process.  Yesterday, Car and Driver published perhaps the most clear shots yet of the vehicle yet, once again putting in track time at the legendary circuit.


Unfortunately while the spot is new, there is no new information to go along with it.  What we can deduce, however, is that due to the openness during testing and the car's production-esque finish, this car will be going to production in some capacity.  Which markets the car will enter still remains to be seen, but it is important to note that the outgoing Jetta SportWagen moved many units within the American market, a market where Volkswagen just pledged $7 Billion dollars.  One thing that we do know, is that this is far from the last we've seen of this car.


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