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hey man
what were the spring colour markings on your Golf R suspension?

trying to see if different markets have different spring heights as your drop seems more subtle, as others seem to get a bit more lower

here's the colour of my R springs that came for my tiguan, but want to do the same to my mates q3 so interested to know what colour markings your R springs have.


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Hello Jason, my apologies for the late reply. I’m thinking by now you probably already found your answer. You also probably already installed the springs or found an alternative. Yet still, to answer your question. I don’t know what spring color markings I have but I will check tomorrow.

Now I’m curious. I have to research and see if and what are the differences between the Tiguan R springs and the MKVI Golf R springs.

I am am not certain. I think I remember reading that the Golf R (MKVI) suspension was rated 300lbs less that the Q3 (MKI). I did remove the rear seat back, seat buckles, spare tire and tool kit for weight reduction.

I’m wondering if that is contributing to the difference we see in the stance compared to the Tiguan R set up.

My total weight reduction brought down the curb weight a little less than 100 pounds. If I only fill up the fuel tank halfway I can save another 51 pounds. In the pictures I have the weight reduction and half a tank.

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