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Golf Sport with a G60 in it...

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Roaming around the Northeast a few years back was a Red 95ish Golf Sport with a Corrado G60 motor in it.
Anyone know where this car is, who the owner is, are they on here?
Any info?!
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Re: Golf Sport with a G60 in it... (cfvwtuner)

Never seen or heard of it but I would like to know more about it
Re: Golf Sport with a G60 in it... (HavocRacingVW)

This car belonged to an old friend, Bryce. I'm actually trying to find him.
It was a red golf sport that had the full G60 swap done.
He had to convert all the injection stuff over, re wire the computer, change the fuel pump and a bunch of other stuff.
The car was pretty quick and definately a one of a kind.
Just wondering if anyone knows anything...
Re: Golf Sport with a G60 in it... (cfvwtuner)

not sure about that specific one, but here in toronto, a shop called North Toronto Motors has a green 4 door golf for sale with the g60 conversion in it. they want 14500 for it and its a 96 i think. this swap is giving me ideas for the CL!
Re: Golf Sport with a G60 in it... (cfvwtuner)

Chris, are you talking about the red one that has the German flag across the rear fender? If you are, he goes to the pike all the time.
Re: Golf Sport with a G60 in it... (A3Jetta)

Ya he's talkin about that kid, cuz he bought it from Bryce from what I remember. Also the kid that owns it should've bought Honda. I talked to the kid quite a few times at the pike and he has no clue whats goin on
Re: Golf Sport with a G60 in it... (cfvwtuner)

anybody have some snaps of this ride? http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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