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Hi everyone,
Name’s Ben. I’m from canada and I might need some help here. Being the stubborn guy that I am, my car has been sitting in the driveway for about a month because «*I can do that on my own, don’t need no man*». Well, turns out I’m not has good as I thought....
Anyway, I would gladly take some help to diagnose my car. It’s a 2015 golf tsi automatic. There is a buzzing coming from the bay when i let go of the gaz and the epc light came on, but there are no dtc when I scan the car. So here is a short video of the sound.

And here is a link to my quick trip around the street to log some datas.

If you find something or would like to see something in particular, just leave a comment and I will make a quick update on my post.

Thank you all in advance.
- Ben
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