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Good internet resource for Nissan?

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Anyone have a good internet resource for Nissan cars? Specifically, i'm interested in the American market 200SX w/ the V6 engine. One has sprung up for sale right down the street from my house. 1987. Black. Super clean on the outside. Couldn't get a good look at the interior, because it was dark out... going back in the daylight for a better look.
Wanted to research this model a little more, and would really appreciate any links anyone could provide. The usual search engines are coming up short... and Nissan's internationally confused marketing scheme (naming the same car different things throughout the world, and naming different cars the same thing) isn't helping!

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Re: Good internet resource for Nissan? (spaz_666)

There are lots of resources for Nissan, but NOTHING for that specific model (S12 200SX/Silvia/Gazelle). I used to own one with the naturally aspirated four cylinder, in fact I sold it this saturday.
My advice is to avoid the V6... they're fine cruisers, but they just aren't as good as you'd expect a little car with a 300ZX drivetrain to be. They're quite heavy (>2900lb), most of that up front. Very sloppy suspension. The earlier 1.8L turbo models are just as quick, much lighter and much tighter... but obviously not as bulletproof.
If you have a Yahoo account, check out the Classic 200SX list archives:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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