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The driver's seat on my 'new' '96 is all outta wack...
There's some fore-aft movement. Its enough to be noticable, and definitely enough to be distracting when driving hard. The adjuster is locking securely, so seat feels like its shifting on the rails or frame. Is this a common problem and is there a fix?
The seat is noticably canted to the left, especially the seat back. I get the impression the previous (original) owner was heavy and slouched against the door, after a while the seat just set into that position.
Unless I'm willing to adopt the pervious owner's posture this is gonna drive me nuts and/or kill my back.
Any suggestions on how to correct? I got into the rear seat last night and pulled & grunted, trying to twist it back, but I don't think that had much effect.
I hunted through the archives this morning and found nothing so I'm hoping someone has encountered something similar.
I'm all excited-- leaving work early today so I can go home and play in the driveway.
I haven't had a Thanksgiving this fun since I bought my Omni GLH Turbo, 14 years ago, to the day.
Hope everyone else's is just as good,
Boston, MA

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