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Got a TICKET today :)

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Well...I was taking a fellow vortexer to Eugene today...was approaching a Dodge Stealth and decided to just pass him on the left (3 lane highway)...turned a corner and there was State Trooper SCHMUCKATELLE!! 83 in a 65...after I slammed on the breaks

He wrote down my ticket as a 90 VW Yellow. It was raining, he got me on radar but wasn't standing outside of his vehicle to get an actual reading instead of the signal bouncing off the glass (which I've heard a lot about...especially since it was raining),he put a vague description of the vehicle down, I had told him my needles were broken and had put new ones on (the tach needle is still broke) and was just following the speed of traffic...10 minutes later I gota 175 dollar ticket

Anyway to get out of this one? I was thinking about writing the court and saying the above mentioned (raining, not standing outside,vague description of vehicle) and trying to get out of it...whatcha think?
btw....I LOVE COPS

At least I know my new engine works now!!! BTW....we were trying to catch up to a school bus to take some pics that we let pass when we had pulled off to do something to my C heh
Someone remind me to post the new GTI model that I saw on the road (its a joke hehehe)
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Re: Got a TICKET today :) (Snipun)

repoman the guy you got the headlights from has a whole book about how to get outa tickets. you shoulda rolled buy i could have given you money to give to jon for a hood do you know why he hasnt been on all weekend?? thanks,
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Re: Got a TICKET today :) (K-FIZZEES SLCZ)

teach me how to get outta tickets!!!
Re: Got a TICKET today :) (sickvr666)

Yes, please do!!
Re: Got a TICKET today :) (sickvr666)

quote:[HR][/HR]teach me how to get outta tickets!!![HR][/HR]​
If your in high school hears all you do. It will only work at night, but it works evey single time!! i swear
Just say to the cop, "sorry officer, i am doing SAFE RIDE and need to pick a fellow student, i am rushing because i am worried, or if you are the way home say you have to ge tthem home by curfew." if you dont know safe ride is when you pick up drunk kids at partys, they have them in every public high schools. works every weekend
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Re: Got a TICKET today :) (Snipun)

Hey Shawn hope you had the head lights in when he nabbed
you, as for the ticket you could try and fight it and get the
good ol boy treatment in salem or just call the court clerk
and make a payment schedual.
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Re: Got a TICKET today :) (REPOMAN)

i dont want this to go on my record though - last time i fought my ticket (in portland) they just made it an 80 dollar fine w/no points. Think I'd really get the "we dont like ya kinda around he-ya" ?
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