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Got the Bushings Now what?

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Just rceived a complete set of ProThane Bushings from JC Whitney. Paid 55 bones plus shipping.
My question is What type of grease should I use to install them all and what will I need? I do not have access to a press. Is there any other way (ways) to press these bad boys in? I am so looking forward to get these in. My suspension so loose right now it's almost scary.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Got the Bushings Now what? (Cabe07)

Perf shops sell urethane specific grease (or at least Energy markets one), I've been told that Marine wheel bearing grease works good too. Urethane bushings you can often just push real hard to put in, can't tell you about yours. Make sure the inside surface is clean and smooth, and yeah grease those things up good.
Don't forget to ask at the perf shop if there's a non-press way to install em, they prolly have a trick they know.
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Re: Got the Bushings Now what? (negativl)

Something that worked for me was a 6-inch vise and strategic pieces of hardwood to press poly bushings in. Some of them come in 2 halves those are easy to deal with. Use lots of lubrication, makes a massive difference during insertion.
Re: Got the Bushings Now what? (ChrisL)

pay some one 2 press them in u can damage them easy.
Re: Got the Bushings Now what? (Cabe07)

My prothanes came with lil packets if white grease. I plan on using much more tho. Anyone know what kind it is, I want to get more and dont want to mix types.
Re: Got the Bushings Now what? (Dieder)

Goto the autoparts store and get some grease called moly lube. that is what you are looking for.
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