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got this idea about rims

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i have a 0 http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif 3 gti 1.8t and i had the idea to put BMW M3 rims on my DUB. I would have the bmw emblems on the rims taken off. it would be costly but i think its a hot idea, what do you guys think
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Re: got this idea about rims (H20cooled)

Is the bolt spacing and offset correct for the car? Our bolt spacing is 5x100, and the offset we need is about 35. What are the specs on the BMW wheels you want to put on?
Re: got this idea about rims (BrandonC)

BMW is 5x120 I think, but I do believe there are adaptors one could buy
Re: got this idea about rims (Boostin20v)

it can be done, and has been done in germany on an r32, mainly you will need 4 M3 front rims, with an offset of about 45, for it to fit, they come in 19" form on the smg performance model, then you will need to get a custom set of adapeters, to change the lug pattern, anyway, it is difficult and expensive to do properly, so good luck http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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