Two out of three hosts of The Grand Tour were on hand to talk to Jalopnik’s Andrew Collins about the new series, set to debut later this month.

Between shots of Jeremy Clarkson and James May speaking—according to whom Richard Hammond was too hungover to be in the video—the video runs press shots from the upcoming series in which the hosts pose beside their cars, most of which are VWs.

Over the course of The Grand Tour, a trio of Dune Buggies and a Vanagon with a Mad Max-style cow catcher will figure prominently.

The trio are no strangers to VW products, having set two speed record in the Bugatti Veyron, and even crafted a number of (rejected) Scirocco ads in their previous roles as hosts of Top Gear.

grand tour vanagon

At least one other VAG product has been previewed for the show, the Porsche 918, which will compete against the stupidly named McLaren P1 and the even more stupidly names Ferrari LaFerrari in a much publicized, albeit late race to determine which is the fastest.

You can catch the first televised episode of The Grand Tour on Amazon Video on November 18.