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Went to the dealership (Williamson VW in Lincoln, NE) to get the cap on my rear wiper replaced. Dave the servcice manager immediately recognized me, got the part and put it on. Didn't work. Washer just dribbled all over the car. Further inspection revealed that the nozzle was missing too. So they took the nozzle off a 2002 GTI and put it on my '99 for me and put the new cap on that they ordered for me while I stood there and waited. I was afraid I was going to have to wait for the nozzle to come in, nope, just take one off a new car on the lot and put it on mine. That's service.
Just something to offset the dealership bashing that's so common here (not saying it's not justified in those cases). Just proof that there are good dealers out there.

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