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Gremlins - power windows wnet down by themselves overnight!?

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I know that the NB has had a history of weird electrical gremlins. Mine (2000 Reflex) had the CEL once but was otherwise OK til this morning. Not any more.
I went out to go to work this AM and found both windows rolled down. Naturally this is in the Seattle area and it had been raining like hell during the night - in fact, weve had a lot of heavy rain, and recent snow, over the last several days. I park it facing slightly downhill in our driveway.
So, dried off the seats and off to work. Along the way the emergency flashers on the binnacle go off by themselves for a few seconds, then later the passenger door lock cycles by itself. The binnacle did not get wet, nor the flasher location.
I'm wondering if a control box of some kind under the hood got soaked with the heavy rains, etc. and is causing all this stuff. Its going to the dealer today (23.650 miles on it - I can see VWOA frowning because it didn't quite get out of the 24/24 warranty) and am curious if anyone else has experienced similar problems, and what might be the cause. All feedback welcome -TIA!
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Re: Gremlins - power windows wnet down by themselves overnight!? (Rutus)

IM Jman5000..... he had the identical problem with his windows also!!!!!!!!
He has a Mk4 golf 1.8t 2001.
He is an excellent resoruce to the Vortex and will be able to help you!!!
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