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Greta The Jetta G60 Coupe "Build" Thread

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Greta The Jetta

1984 Jetta Sunroof coupe
G60 Swap (15lbs)
020 Trans
Helios Recaro interior

When I got it.

Current status of polishing it up.

Note: You can see how high the mk2 recaros rear seat frame sits in the mk1. comparied to the photos below.

It's been 2 hard weeks of hard work...Its getting closer.
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Swapping the Recaro rear seat foam/cover onto the mk1 jetta's seat frame. Its pretty stupid easy to get them to fit over the frames on the bottom. I'll need to weld in the support bar from the mk2 rear upper frame for the foldable armrest points.
Note: The covers are on backward ( oops ) They are turned around now. Measure twice, cut once.

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Back from the shop - ( yesterday )
New ride height - no more rubbing yet still low.
oil change
door alignment
rev lockout fixed
clutch cable adjusted/new parts

(I really needz to replace those pink wheel stud bolts.)

Been working on the dash today - starting to look better. More work to do on it.
Gonna keep the dash clock, love it too much. An "almost era" correct tachometer from 96. Not that much newer.

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Front seats.... Sigh... As an ex smoker, i get it...But Damn it. They are gonna have to sew another seamline in both seats to fix this. Id assume heilos fabic doesnt exisit.

They are going to a local upholstery shop sometime next week for new foam, cig holes repaired.
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Stock Headunit was pushing 14 RMS to 40 RMS speakers.
Rewired in the head unit's plug. The heater cables ripped alot of things apart on it.

Before ^

During ^ .. Blue tape has been replaced with heat shink, to clean up the unused speaker lines.

Speakers/wiring/amp on the way.
(used) Kenwood 500watt 40watt RMS x 4 @ 4 ohms Peak 120watt
Kenwood 5.25 rear speakers @ 40 watt RMS 200 watt max
Polk audio 4x6 door speakers @ 40 watt RMS 120 watt max
8g wiring kit

total cost: $140

Should be a major improvement for just a few bucks.
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Other repair's done:

gear selector seal
new speedo gear
new speedo gear seal

rear suspension adjusted.

Speakers/amp will be delivered sometime this week. Will update the thread when installed.
Why can't one day go as planned lol.
Rear speakers, the PO had in were 5.25. The car was not setup for 5.25, and would explain why it was held in with one bolt. SoOOoOo I had to trim off a bit. Along with a few tears. Its still in progress., but i think it will turn out pretty decent.

Before ^ What needed to go.

"during/current" Still some clean up/sanding to do.

At least 5.25" is a pretty common standard speaker size that isnt going away anytime soon. Ie lets not do this again.
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i have single euro headlights and bumpers for your car if you ever decide to go that route.
i have single euro headlights and bumpers for your car if you ever decide to go that route.
^ feel free to pm me
A hint of what is to come over the next few days. ;)

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Look mah! All new 4/5 channel audio amp wiring.

Fronts speakers didnt fit out of the box as well!! Time for the 4.5" grinder to come out and play. ( still waiting to find the time to do these )

#stickers #4chan #rack
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Nothing photo worthy today, just more work.

Spare keys got made
Front & Rear tires taken in under warrenty. Nail in the rear, valve stem issue in the front.
Front speakers reinstalled.
Found the placement of the amp i want, and rerouted wires to that.

All that really is left to do is heat & seats.

Things Left on my list:
~~New heater cable/valve
~~hog ring some areas the rear mk2 Recaro seat covers onto the mk1 Jetta seat frames.
~~connect wires to the amp ( when it gets here )
~~install rear speakers
~~install Clear markers up front
~~install/1000grit sand rear taillights
**Find rear ext trim and clips

Things left on my list for my mechanical stig friend.
~~Wire in tach,
~~wire in 12v usb plug
~~new vacuum line for the boost gauge
~~wire in Recaro power bottom seats/pray the motors are still good.

Things left for local shops
~~Repair the cig hole in front seat at local upholstery shop

Things for the future ~~
5 channel amp/small sub
new axle boot ( tiny tear atm )
new ebrake cable.
bbs 1 peice wheels or carrado steelies.

God i want carrado steelies.... :)
This car has required so much love to make it almost 100% again, wallet hurts, back hurts....But man i love it.
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How about a engine bay shot to hold you all over :p
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Wow, looking pretty good. Sweet supercharger setup, how does that intercooler get any air?
Wow, looking pretty good. Sweet supercharger setup, how does that intercooler get any air?

It likely doesnt get much. At some point it will just have to get a custom rad & intercooler to fitup front nicely. I dont have the tach installed, so i have just been putting around in it.
Hood scoop? One on each side for symmetry.
Nah - Not that its a bad idea. I want this car to look like it rolled off the assembly line as a "speical edition" kind of car. The only thing that gives someone a hint of what she is, would be the 5" tach gauge.
Its why im holding out untill i find some 80s/90s 1 peice bbs or Corrado steelies.

Dont want much flash - just want to go fast. :D
Helpz!? Does anyone know If the rear trim molding for the jetta is the same used on another mk1?

They tapped up the trunk to plug up the trim clip holes. It would be awesome to find it, its the only missing exterior peice.
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