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o-ring size: #226 buna
wvw ev71k 77w 048389
3vw jm71k 39m 097803
NGK BKR7EIX-11 @ .028"


Engine bay


mods for thy greyt .:R25

Engine mods

:yes: Neuspeed power pulley
:yes: Eurojet valve cover
:yes: Custom exhaust. (part of it is 3" and parts are 2.5")
:yes: United Motorsports custom Software
:yes: United Motorsports intake manifold
:yes: water meth kit: DVC-30
:yes: Custom 3.0" intake with heat wrap and DEI spray paint thermal coat
:yes: Custom turbo kit (specs below)
:yes: completely heat painted and heat wrapped exhaust

Engine Cosmetic parts:

:yes: JCaps Billet Aluminum Oil Cap
:yes: JCaps billet Aluminum dipstick cap
:yes: polished manifold -> march 2012
:yes: polished timing cover
:yes: polished valve cover-> june 2010
:yes: Custom painted black throttle pipe
:yes: polished oil cap
:yes: relocated the harness by the coolant bottle
:yes: removed the SAI combi valve, pump, system.
:yes: most wire tucking

Engine Build parts:Installation pending

:yes: stage 2 ferrea valvetrain.
:no: Forged rods
:no: 8.5:1 forged pistons
:no: head gasket
:no: Main bearings
:no: rod bearings
:no: head studs
:no: main studs

Turbo kit parts

:yes: SPA t3 turbo exhaust manifold (cast log style)
:yes: 39mm TIAL wastegate
:yes: TIAL Q BOV (silver spring)
:yes: 550cc Bosch injectors
:yes: CTS Intercooler 450HP
:yes: PTE 5858 .82 A/R, t3, v-banded exhaust, 3" inlet, 2" outlet.
:yes: 3.0" v band stainless steel downpipe- Cat-less [custom]
:yes: Eboost 2
:yes: Heat protected oil feed line
:yes: Turbo heat wrap/cover
:yes: Rocket launcher switches to control boost levels
:yes: paint and heat wrap downpipe
:yes: Paint and wrap intake pipe
:yes: Custom open dump. Thermal painted and wrapped. (39mm)


:yes: 6sp MT tranny swap
:yes: Forge short shifter
:yes: 42dd bushing kit
:yes: HPA Motorsports 85a Core Interlock Mount
:yes:BSH Billet Motor mount
:yes: BSH Billet Pendulum Mount
:yes: bsh transmission mount
:yes: OEM clutch and pressure plate
:yes: Four season tuning flywheel
:yes: Wavetrack LSD


:yes: Neuspeed rear sway bar
:yes: Neuspeed Front sway bar
:yes: Neuspeed rear endlinks
:yes: H&R street performance coilovers
:yes: ABD rear Stress bar (inside trunk)
:yes: battery relocated to trunk(optima red top D35
:yes: Whiteline anti-lift kit
:yes: corner balanced car
:yes: H2 Sport Camber Plates
:yes: tyrol sport deadset rigid subframe


:yes: continental Extreme Contact DW tires 245/40/17
:yes: drilled/slotted rear rotors (oem size)
:yes: hawk breaking pads hps (rear)
:yes: custom painted brakes [black]
:yes: Porsche brembo brakes [front, from cayman]
:yes: Slotted 312mm rotors [front]
:yes: Brake fuild: super blue


INTERIOR {to do}

:yes: OEM euro dash tray
:yes: OEM euro switch
:yes: OEM GLI aluminum pedals (+ footrest)
:yes: OEM golf ball shift knob
:yes: OEM .:R- Line steering wheel
:yes: OEM dash cubby
:yes: OEM Euro Switch
:yes: Rear seat Delete
:yes: Pioneer avic U310-BT
:yes: INNOVATE motorsports wideband AFR
:yes: New South Mech boost gauge
:yes: New South steering gauge pod
:yes: OSIR AC gauge pod
:yes: Valentine V1 hardwired
:yes: Blinder 905 HP (dual front) hardwired
:yes: JL Audio amp: G4500
:yes: focal speakers (165 A1 and 165 A3)
:yes: Focal 10" subwoffer 25 A1
:yes: JL j2 250.1 mono amp.
:yes: sound system rewired with AWG 12 oxigen free audio wires
:yes: Monster Cables RCA from: head unit to g4500 (16ft) and from g4500 to j2 250.1 (3ft)
:yes: Pioneer Avic U310BT
:yes: Sound insulated front door skins, trunk and under the rear seats.


:yes: OEM GTI front euro lip
:yes: OEM GLI side skirts
:yes: OEM Rear GLI valence
:yes: OEM 3 piece lip spoiler
:yes: OEM Black Magic Pearl sideview mirrors
:yes: OEM wolfburg ed. front grill
:yes: OEM Bixennon Headlights
:yes: OEM Euro LED tail lights with rear fog
:yes: Rieger roof spoiler
:yes: 15%tints
:yes: short antenna
:yes: custom painted valence reflectors
:yes: custom painted rear VW emblem
:yes: custom painted side markers
:yes: custom painted LED Tails.
:yes: Wheels plasti dipped: orange blaze


stage 3 of the build:
is engine build time, 1200 cc injectors, fuel pump and push it to turbo limit. And maybe change the turbo or hotside to a .63

well, here it is...for me to "Finish" the car on its current stage i need to do the following:

Mods planned, yet i'm done. Maybe? these are maybes, track dependant
-Sparco seats for better track time
-Wheel Studs
-Oil cooler

Engine mods:
Max out injectors
6 port injected meth, and 1 before the ic or right after.
Re do the intake manifold.

X. Rear GLI brakes
X. Audi TT RS control arms and bushings (for whiteline's anti lift)
X. Custom 3.0" V-Banded exhaust Quad

THEN, the GOOD mods:

-AWD swap.
-----front and rear LSD
-----all the mods for the drivetrain.-I doubt this.

-----steering wheel
-----lil misc fun things

-----maybe upgrade to a v-band and custom tubular manifold.
-----maybe upgrade to 60xx or 62xx turbo or a 58xx with a BB

-engine build:
-----Ferrea valves
-----forged pistons 8.5:1
-----Forged rods
-----ARP headstuds
-----complete rebuild (new main bearings, new headgasket, hone and polish, etc)

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-audio install
-oil change

-engine build parts
-car down. uni issues

-exhaust paint
-HPA puck
-motor mount
-exhuast videos

-painting the oem intake manifold
-dual go pro vid record
-noise deaden
-tranny flush

-SAI removed

-intake mani recieved

-UM intake mani
-wire tucking

-turbo stages
-intake mani videos

PAGE 10:
-bay clean up

PAGE 11:
-wheel change
-tranny ratio and speeds

PAGE 12:
-bay clean up

PAGE 13:
-coolant bottle change
-bay shave ideas

PAGE 14:
-brake paint
-engine bay polish

PAGE 15:
-sowo prep
-sowo driving

PAGE 16:
-sowo vids and pixs

PAGE 17:
-wire tucking

PAGE 18:

PAGE 19:
-bay clean
-5857 comparison

PAGE 20:

PAGE 21:
-dreamed interior

PAGE 22:
-bay cleaning

PAGE 23:
-LSD install
-weight reduction
-aluminum control arms

PAGE 24:
-turbo pics
-turbo talk
-oil analysis result

PAGE 25:
-boost gauge
-turbo talk

PAGE 26:
-temp tests.
-turbo attempt 1

PAGE 27:
-turbo talk
-intercooler pics
-turbo mock up
-headers paint

PAGE 28:
-resistor hiding
-coolant delete
-fuel line relocate

PAGE 29:
-sai pump delete
-engine bay pics
---------------------2013 plans---------------

PAGE 30:
-turbo set up mock up
-turbo wrap
-E-boost 2
-Brembo Brakes
-Bay wire tuck
-Boost gauge installed

PAGE 31:
-random talk
-turbo installed
-turbo pics
-Sowo Plans

PAGE 32:
-Bumper trim
-pics of heat protection
-oil return location
-engine bay pics
-highway test video

PAGE 33:
-raised the car
-eboost switches
-cabin pics
-camber, brakes, ordered
-eboost wiring

PAGE 34:
-installing the eboost 2
-eboost cabin pics
-how the buttons work
-testing and setting the switchpoints
-diagnosting the wastegate
-intake paint and wrap
-porsche big brakes

PAGE 35:
-filling AV gas
-brakes prep
-integrated dump pipes
-camber plates
-osir pod arrived!
-ordered tires
-rear seat delete
-light weight project

PAGE 36:
-tires arrived!
-rear seat delete plan
-cutting wood
-ren's delete
-delete mock up
-delete benefits
-drilling holes
-first hwy trip on turbo.
-Intercooler efficiency
-Finishing the brakes

PAGE 37:
-meth talk
-spark plug change
-sowo prep (pic of tires, camber, brakes)

PAGE 38:
-wheels ordered
-rear seat delete progress
-delete completed (except fabric)
-why modify the car?

PAGE 39:
-installing porsche brakes
-brakes installed and bedded
-turbo 5858 issues
-turbo pipes pic
-changing turbo to 5457
-rear seat delete done
-new wheels
-5457 .63 ar review

PAGE 40:
-OZ Racing ultralaggera pics
-front end pics
-interior pics
-245s installed

PAGE 41:
-oz on car pics.
-245 tires review
-downpipe wrapped
-5858 is back!
-turbo and downpipe wrapped
-under panels installed
-shiny shots
-polished tail pipes
-sowo booth
-sowo temps
-dominick driving
-JDL manifold
-engine bays compilation

PAGE 42:
-returning to the bottle (coolant)
-throttle body spacer
-meth injector
-meth installation pictures
-doing the custom braket
-buying methanol
-valves at 104k miles
-Garage queen picture
-Port injected meth/water idea

PAGE 43:
-Initial meth test drive
-Timing results from water injection
-pure water injection
-Meth review
-more meth pics
-ideas: naca duct, and others (not important)
-Naca duct drawings

PAGE 44:
-plans for the car
-turbo update for 14 psi
-new ESP button
-crossed 104k miles
-acceleration charts

PAGE 45:
-leaving for 20 days: car covered
-loco on the car
-cant choose any mod!
-blinder talk
-jammer pics
-changing hot side on turbo
-coolant flush
-new coil packs
-new upper coolant hose
-CBTA pulleys picture

PAGE 46:
-H2O talk (hotel)
-starting the complete car detail
-front grills installed
-why i like cars
-blinder is here!
-shiny car

PAGE 47:
-Detailing: Done with the claybar and wheels, starting to wax
-Detailing stuff and tools
-Laser Jammers installed
-Painting the wheels

PAGE 48:
-finish painting wheels orange
-getting the open dump re done
-cleaning and painting the dump
-Thermal wrap: dump
-Thermal wrap: exhaust Tip section
-filter change and wrap review
-BSH motor mount removed
-engine bay shots with polished throttle pipe
-Painting the throttle pipe black
-Cleaning and painting the exhaust
-Thermal wrap: Exhaust mid section

PAGE 49:
-review of the exhaust wrap
-Laser jammer video
-cars i love (porsche and looks of bettle)
-octane plus testing
- changing the midpipe
- midpipe: 2.5 resonated vs 3" straight pipe
-new clutch ordered

PAGE 50:
- Mid pipe wrapped.
- Mid pipe wrap review.
-Oil Changed!
-exhaust vid
-timing with octane plus
-FX400 clutch
-installing the clutch

PAGE 51:
- clutch testing
-driving to H2o
-bad clutch bearing
-enjoying the car
-engine movement vid
-new BSH mount
-removing the orange paint

PAGE 52:
- driving around, having fun
-vids with new BSH mount
-installing the camber plates
-installing the Tyrolsport subframe deadset


My created threads, that some may find usefull


DIY:SAI delete

DIY: motor mount

DIY: coolant flush

DIY: vag com mods

DIY: 2.5L valve covers

Informational/ mods

2.5L basic info

Engine build parts

Audio Build

tranny swap 1

tranny swap 2

Unofficial 2.5L MPG thread

Wide body mkv

2.5L oil analysis #1

spark plugs

Exhaust vids for 5 cylinders


United Motorsports manifold and SW review [pt. 1]

United Motorsports manifold and SW review [pt. 2]
Threads/links I like.

where to buy studs and nuts

DIY: convert to studs

2.5L diagnosis and swap

2.5T step by step install

2.5T stage 3 turbo build up

2.5L on standalone

mk3 AWD 2.5T

brakes build

from AWE turning: get to 11s

DIY: make your own 100 oct

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Racing tips


Sound system info:

battery relocation info:


basic kit:

kit with box:

box by itself:

This guy run the power wire the same way i did: through the inside.


Ask away if you still have questions! :D

Tranny swap info:









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well, i DO have a build thread on jettamkv.com, and i usually just make thread for whenever i do something to the car.. so, why not just have 1 thread with the story of the evolution???

short timeline:

thygreyt (jan 23rd 2011) said:
well.. its 12:00.. now its officially the 23rd of january

and today is the 2nd aniversary!!!
so my car is now 2 years old.
happy to report that it hasnt had any downtime, any other than caused by me, lol :biggrin:
happy ~43k miles.

anyways, since i havent taken any new pics, since the one from the hwy, here a lil timeline:
from stock... to stage 1... to stage 2... to stage 3... which is the current. :)

stock car...

it started as a regular grey / gray jetta mkv 2009 2.5L 5 cyl.

silver tails

stock front

eyelids, front_black_logo...black_side_markers, Fogs

just a closer look of the front... i like the pic

model .:R 25 :)

(dont worry, it has since been removed.)

stage 1, completed. tinted tails, and rear roof spoiler!

stage 2 begins... and its like: "what the hell?"

ok, so i take advice and i get the wolfy grill! :) much better too

a nice pic in the sunrise...

at a show, and my first booth.

when i got the newest and latest set of wheels.

and at last... one in a sunset. :)

Aaaannd... the engine bay...

my stock bay

with the beetle engine cover...

without the cover... just because i like the way it looks.

the upcomming eurojet stuff

and at last...!

and my trunk.

kind of lengthy, but hope that you like it.

pre sowo pics.

thygreyt (may 19th 2011) said:
last night i had to pick up a guy from the Miami international airport. so i had to wait some time in the "cellphone waiting area".. i am SOWO clean, and camera +tripod ready i found a good spot. this is what came out. :D

see you at sowo.

and my fave.

for the photo savvy: nikon D90 with 24mm lens. Aperture priority mode.


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2 things:

1 - you shoulda told me about your new exhaust i would sold you the one sitting in my garage with like 50 miles on it.

2 - if/when you start to think about entertaining the idea of quad exhaust, i know someone who's getting rid of his rear valance soon.... ;)
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