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I´m finishing a project car. It´s a 1.8t seat Leon Cupra R with a 1.9L stroker kit and other engine mods. When I started the project about a year ago I bought a gt3071r. Right now I´m about to finish the car but have my doubts on keeping this turbo or changing to a turbonetics turbo. A friend of mine is telling me turbonetics are more robust since they only have 1 ball bearing. I´ve checked the internet and have only found 1 tuner using turbonetics on vw/audi (eip). Should I go for the turbonetics turbo, do they have comparable spoolup with only one ball bearing. We are planning on running the car up to 8000 rpms, should I worry about reliability issues with the gt3071r. I have a friend who has blown a gt3071r and he feels it was around 7700 rpm when it happened. I have yet to install the turbo but I´m full of doubts on what to do.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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