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I’m looking to sell some of my leftover TDI parts:
The first item is the CHRA from the original GTB2260VK that came on a car I purchased in 2015. It was only on the car for 2,000 miles before I decided to upgrade to something bigger. The only bad news is that when they shipped it back to me with the new turbo, they didn’t package it the best and the compressor wheel has a few bent fins. Should be pretty easy to get a new MFS 60mm compressor wheel for this turbo.
Price $150 shipped

Next item is an accelerator pedal for a 04-06 Golf TDI, 04-05 Jetta TDI, and I believe 04-06 Beetle TDI. The reason I’m selling it, is that I thought the one in my car had failed, but it ended up being a wire that wore through causing the issue with the accelerator pedal.
Price $45 shipped

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