Well after several months of work convincing Volkswagen of America to bring this car over we can officially announce that Volkswagen of America is going to offer a version of the German 25th Anniversary GTI here in America to be called the GTI 337 Edition. EA337 was the original code name for the first generation A1 GTI and this car is a fitting tribute to the spirit of the orginal GTI.

Starting with a 180hp 1.8T GTI GLS, the following extra equipment and changes have been made:

[*]18" BBS RC Wheels with 225/40-ZR18 High-Performance Summer Tires

[*]Greatly improved sport suspension - 1" lower overall ride height

[*]Votex body kit with front valance, side skirts, rear hatch wing and rear valance with 3" chromed exhaust tip

[*]315mm (12.4") diameter vented front and 256mm (10") rear vented brakes with red powder coated calipers

[*]All-new six-speed MQ350 transmission

[*]Recaro front seats in special "LeMans" red and black cloth with custom GTI embroidery

[*]Brushed aluminum interior trim accents

[*]Red stitching on steering wheel, shift boot, handbrake knob and seats

[*]Special golf ball shift knob

[*]Aluminum pedals with rubber inserts

[*]Stainless steel exhaust with mild sound tuning

[*]Red trimmed floor mats

[*]Special exterior retro GTI badging

[*]Monsoon sound system (U.S. only)

[*]and more

The GTI 337 was officially introduced at the New York Auto Show and will be available in dealers by late May. The price of the GTI 337 is $22,225 in the U.S. and $32,900 in Canada. Only 1,500 units are being produced for the U.S. market with an additional 250 specifically for Canada.

For more specifics on the GTI 337 Edition and the story behind bring this car here check out our Frequently Asked Questions section in our discussion forums. For our ride and drive review of the 25th Anniversary GTI and to get a more complete idea of what the GTI 337 is all about see the full story in our features section. Click on the link to the photo gallery above left to view the German specification 25th Anniversary GTI. We have also set up a dedicated discussion forum for the GTI 337 that can be found here You can also visit Volkswagen of America's official GTI 337 mini-site to have a dealer contact you about purchasing a GTI 337 at: www.vw.com/gti337/

Stay tuned to VWvortex for the latest information on this great new addition to the GTI lineup. Also look for our special GTI 337 section of VWvortex with dedicated forums, more photos, wallpapers, a registry for owners and more. Below is the official Volkswagen of America press release on the GTI 337.

Official Volkswagen of America Press Release


At the New York International Auto Show, Volkswagen of America, Inc. unleashed a new, very limited 2002 enthusiasts' version of its famous GTI called the GTI 337 Edition.

Volkswagen said it will build and sell just 1,500 GTI 337 Editions. The 337 is loosely based on the very rare GTI 25th Anniversary edition sold exclusively in Europe last year to commemorate that continent's silver anniversary of this famous sports hatchback.

"The 337 name comes from the code name for the Golf model back in the early 1970s," said Frank Maguire, vice president in charge of sales and marketing at Volkswagen of America, Inc. "The GTI is the sport version of the Golf and since we didn't begin selling the GTI here until 1983, the name 337 seemed like a nice way to recognize the history of this vehicle and make it meaningful to our most enthusiastic drivers. This is a very unique car for the Volkswagen lover."

The GTI 337 comes loaded with the necessities demanded by Volkswagen's modern driving purists. One of the most striking exterior features is the 337's special 18-inch alloy wheels that offer a glimpse of the braking power of the car's 12.4 inch discs with red calipers, a first for a factory equipped GTI in the U.S. These wheels come wrapped with special Z rated (225/40) performance tires. Envious drivers will also note a subtle but sporty use of a front chin spoiler, rear valance, darkened taillamps, matching side skirts and rear spoiler that does its air splitting just above the hatch. In the rear, the sounds of the engine play from a single polished stainless steel exhaust pipe.

To mark the 25th European anniversary, the GTI 337 is available only in Reflex Silver and will be priced at $22,225.

Inside, in addition to the more than 40 standard items in a GTI, the 337 offers the Monsoon ® Sound system, a special three-spoke perforated leather-covered steering wheel with red stitching, a leather-covered hand brake with the same red accent, special shift knob with GTI design, alloy interior touches such as subtle trim treatments, alloy treated pedals, foot rest and door sills. The inside's sporty look is all encompassing with black interior panels and matching safety belts and floor mats, which come with a red embroider. Most importantly to the true driving enthusiast will be matching front Recaro Sport seats designed for the most demanding curves.

The 1.8 T engine propelling the 337 has always been known for its six-cylinder like performance in an economical four-cylinder package. This upgraded 1.8 T was first launched last year and provides substantial low- and high-end power and performance, employing a turbocharger, an intercooler and Volkswagen's innovative five-valve technology. The 1.8 T's latest ECU software optimizes air intake, ignition timing, and fuel mixture.

Volkswagen's exclusive five-valves per cylinder technology provides for excellent top-end breathing in the 1.8 T, and the double overhead camshafts provide for optimal valve control. All of this is built into a compact and efficient long-stroke 1.8 liter four-cylinder package. The result: 180 horsepower at 5,500 revolutions per minute and 174 lbs. ft. of torque all the way from 1,950 to 5,000 rpmñan extraordinarily long and flat torque curve that provides plenty of pulling power from the low end through the top. It is also a refined four-cylinder, with the sophistication normally associated with six-cylinder powerplants. All this power and refinement is able to propel the GTI 337 from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just over seven seconds.

This ample four is mated to a driver's only six-speed manual transmission. No automatic drivers need apply.