This is one of those times where we get pictures from one of our spy photographers that hangs out at the Nurburgring and no one is quite sure what to make of the car that was photographed. Outwardly it looks like a GTI that someone modified (and we use that term loosely). The Wiechers stickers on the sides are from a German company that makes roll cages. The weird thing is that the "Sport" part of the sticker on the side was removed and stuck to the hood. The rear spoiler is hideous and a complete afterthought. So if VW engineers were trying to throw people off, this could do it.

However the car has the normal performance pack brakes instead of the Golf R brakes which you would assume would be part of some kind of higher performance package. There have been rumors of both a Golf RS (which we don't think this is) and a Golf GTI/R EVO with a 2.0TFSI with more power and light weight. Either way I'm not sure anyone knows at this point so we'll run the photos and you guys can run your imaginations. :)