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Quote, originally posted by ___GTI02 »
BORDER="0"> just put my 20th/337s on last week(flat black to match valances)
and they fit great. excellent product

Quote, originally posted by SUNNYMK4 »
BORDER="0"> I have the 20th rep skirts from Dubtechniks and they fit perfectly.

Quote, originally posted by gt02jettaz »
I have a set of their skirts and I'm really happy with
the fitments...should be able to have some pics up tonight


Quote, originally posted by eurobrovw »
i have these skirts, and i test fit em and they fit perfect,
no issues whatsoever.

Quote, originally posted by Static- »

the fitment was great, didnt even need to tape them up for them to line up
on the car i will add, when they were installed they took same major beatings
from snow/ice and a few curbs, no cracks pr anything

Quote, originally posted by HumboldtCorrado »
my buddy ordered them at the same time as me, but his are
actually on his car
they fit and look killer. i've test fit mine, and like was said a few times
before, i didn't even need screws/tape to hold them up.

Quote, originally posted by simlow72 »
i just recieved mine today....they look like damn good
quality, no flaws or anything.

Quote, originally posted by YNotBoost1 »
I have a set of the 20th rep and they fit like a glove.
They stayed on the body of the car without tape or glue. As stated by others
it's difficult to tell they are reps and I'm satisfied with my purchase.
I'm actually thinking about getting the Votex rep front bumper.

Quote, originally posted by scottd1975 »
ok mine came within the week i ordered them they are in
cali so am i. the fitment was good i didnt need to trim mine at all and the
primer was also well done. didnt require any extra prep before paint

Quote, originally posted by theyjustcallmesir »
my skirts fit perfect

Quote, originally posted by silverveedubb »
Painted and looking great. I couldn't be happier. I can
say nothing but good things about this company and their skirts. I do custom
paint and body work for a living and can honestly say that I literally pre-fit,
sanded, painted and installed these skirts without any issues or modification.
I put a line of 3M double sided tape down the top edge and a screw in each
fenderwell. They fit and look just like their $700 Votex counterparts. To
all the haters out there...

Quote, originally posted by EuroSpecGolf1 »
mine fit just like stock I have had no issues at all.

Quote, originally posted by theyjustcallmesir »

Mine looked great, no issues with shipping, test fit and fit like oem parts,
def. worth the money

Quote, originally posted by They_Call_Me_Bob »
The skirts were packaged well and are not wavy at all

they fit so well they arent even being held on by anything whatsoever.

Overall I am very impressed with the fitment, and once I get them on properly,
I think theyll be hard to decipher from OEM.

Quote, originally posted by 01vdubin »
they fit great!

Quote, originally posted by formerly silveratljetta »

yep. I bent mine just like you did but totally by accident and they didnt
even crack. I will continue to buy your products.

Quote, originally posted by borline »
hey! i was quoted as being a nay-sayer but i'd like to
say that i'm VERY pleased with what i got. the skirts look great, the price
is unbeatable and shipping was fast as all hell.

Quote, originally posted by blowndeadline »
As far as the Dubtechnik products, I have a set of side
skirts and they flex quite well and look equally good. Thanks again Dubniks!

Quote, originally posted by Chase1974 »
My sideskirts fit like a champ....you guys really provide
a great product at a great price....

Quote, originally posted by GTIsilverstone »
Dude, free bump for you guys and great service. I ordered
my Skirts at Noon on the 14th and they showed up yesterday the 16th!!!! 2
day turnaround and cross country at that. I test fitted them this morning
and they fit great, off to paint this afternoon.

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