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Alright so.. My gti goes into limp mode (turbo cuts off/no boost) when i drive in lower rpm, basically just normal driving at normal speeds, if i clear fault codes it drives really rough for a couple hundred meters then proceeds to drive as it should with boost, and I can keep it like that if I only drive in high rpm, but as soon as I try to drive normally the turbo cuts off again.. the idle is also weird.. sometimes it sits at 1100-1300rpm other times its more or less normal and every now and then when i start to brake the idle will stay at 2000rpm and sometimes rise until the car is fuldt stopped then it will go Down to normal.. i get no fault codes stored, however by deleting fault codes it resets limp mode.. this started happening after I swapped injectors for some used ones..
so far I have tried
Swapping intake manifold for another used one, swapping injectors back to the old ones, changed pcv valve and the long pipe for it as it was cracked, changed the vacuum line from brake booster to coolant flange, the one on the other side looked to be in good condition..
Diverter valve and evap purge valve was also swapped as they were both broken.. I’m running out of ideas and I am also getting tired of chugging parts at it.. car is a 05 mkv gti 2.0 tfsi axx only has a cold air intake other than that it is stock and it got the CAI before the issues started occurring.. any ideas?

Btw sorry if I posted this in the wrong category, I am new to this site
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