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GTI obsession...

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I had a dream last night that I had to sell my beloved GTI and buy back my old unreliable Eagle Talon. The Talon then broke down (normal situation!) and at the dealer I saw my old car in pieces, the engine block torn down and a brand new Eclipse GT convertable (silver with black leather) beside it.
I asked what the Eclipse was there for and the salesgirl (woo-hoo!) says that the dealer (a Mitsubishi/VW dealer... that's important) is replacing my original car with a new one at no charge.
I turn to the other salesguy and ask if there's a Indigo Blue GTI VR6 4Motion on the lot and can I trade the Eclipse for it. He runs out to check. When he returns he says "Yes and here's $3000 cash for the price difference between the GTI and the Eclipse [remember this is a dream
Then I woke up... I felt so good about my GTI that I got up 2 hours earlier than usual 'cause I just had to drive it. Took a drive to get some breakfast.
Obsession. Hell yeah!
Oh yeah, I love my GTI http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif

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