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GTi Reliability questions

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I am going to be buying a new mkIV Gti this summer and I want to know what is more reliable the 1.8T or VR6. Im not asking about power, or which you prefer. I want to know which version of the GTi has less problems. I currently own a mkIII 2.0 which has been virtually bullet proof for nearly 160,000 miles and I want to make a good choice on my next vw purchase. The different tuning options arent important right now. I just want a car that wont be going to the dealer every few weeks for repairs ?
Anyone have both cars that could comment and compare ?
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Re: GTi Reliability questions (veedublvr)

I've had zero engine problems in the 12k I've been driving my VR6. It's the 2nd engine in the car, but the first one going was my fault......but that's another story altogether.....
They are solid cars, man.....doubt you will be one of the few who has any serious problems in either.
Good luck, and happy dubbin'!
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