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GTi Reliability questions

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I am going to be buying a new mkIV Gti this summer and I want to know what is more reliable the 1.8T or VR6. Im not asking about power, or which you prefer. I want to know which version of the GTi has less problems. I currently own a mkIII 2.0 which has been virtually bullet proof for nearly 160,000 miles and I want to make a good choice on my next vw purchase. The different tuning options arent important right now. I just want a car that wont be going to the dealer every few weeks for repairs ?
Anyone have both cars that could comment and compare ?
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Re: GTi Reliability questions (GreenGTI)

I have 30,000 miles on my 2000 VR6.
I am on my third coil pack, my second set of shift cables, the MAFS are known for failing, my intake maifold rotary valve makes enough noise to drown out a Kenworth my belts are sqeaking like rabid gerbils my starter makes a horrific squealing noise on cold starts and my engine has caught fire. Luckily I put it out. I have seen two other VR6's w/engine fires that have burned the entire car up. Oh yes and there is a phantom coolant leak coming from somewhere. Someone just posted a few days ago about Pat Goss from Motor Trend finding the source of the leak though.....
Um......... the mechanics know me by name.
I drive my car in a normal manner. I don't do burnouts, I don't drag race, I only AutoX it for six months out of the year. I hardly think a few 30 second runs in a parking lot around some cones can account for my engine malfunctions.

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