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Does anyone know where I can get a guage bezel that has the two guages around your original guage cluster (one on each side of steering coulumn). Ive seen them before for the golf/jetta IV but i cant find them.
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Re: Guages (SHaVedGTi)

i'll bump this..but i have never seen one for the MKIV...i'd like to know myself
Re: Guages (SHaVedGTi)

Yea I cant seem to remember the site. It had that guage bezel, a heads up display boost guage, a front tweater guage pod, and a pillar guage pod that matches your fabric.
Re: Guages (SHaVedGTi)

I think that gauge bezel you're talking about is custom made. I saw the pics on vortex one day and thought it was real niceee.
You're talking about a pod that holds a gauge to the left side of your tach, and another pod that holds a gauge to the right side of your speedo.
Autometer makes these pods for civics and integras. They haven't made one for a MKIV vdub.
So far the only cool looking gauge holders are the blank cover w/ gauges fitted and the a-pillar pod w/ matching interior fabric
Re: Guages (OoNaveLoO)

anyone else see or know of this site.
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Re: Guages (SHaVedGTi)

anyone know how I could mount some guages on the area where the little 1 DIN space is? I just wanna have two guages and my turbo timer in the middle. BTW they woould be 52 mm Blitz guages. thanx in advance
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Re: Guages (1.8Tyrone)

hey im looking for that post where the
guy made his own guage pods that went to the right and left of the instrument cluster..any one found it?...i did a search and came up with nothing for both archived and recent..argh...
\x/ hillfolk!

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