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So, I live and work in Japan right now, the 20th is being taken care of at the excellent Raleigh, NC shop called ApexTuning. I'm a DIY kind of guy, but it's hard to DIY when the car is literally 8000 miles away.... Anyways, enough words, time for pics (see you all at H2O in a month!!)

So this is emptied out...

In preparations for a motor receiving some goodness...

Had to notch the frame... And I'm not on bags.. With my B&Gs, ride height, and my new H2Sport spindles, the frame needed it. Static FTW.

Ride height, though the front wheels are 4mm further out now. The IY 20th in front of me is bagged...

EuroTuner SoWo 5 by volksron

Spindles (and raxle)

Power is nothing without control, R32 front brakes


-GTX 3076 tial .72 housing, v-band mount
-PPT bottom mount turbo kit
-Unitronic 830cc BT MAFless retune with all deletes (this may change)
-PagParts DP, 42DD cat back, 3"
-PagParts custom sidemount AWIC, 1000hp core
-Seimens 830cc injectors and spacers
-044 pump in IE surge tank
-Integrated Engineering Tuscan forged connecting rods
-Calico coated rod bearings
-ARP head bolts
-SAI/EVAP/N249/PCV delete
-Turbosmart RacePort BOV
-VF engineering side mounts, BFI STGII dogbone inserts
-42DD solid shifter bushing set
-Forge short shifter and side to side kit
-H2Sport spindles
-Frame notch

-Mercedes S600, 18x8.5/9.5 et43
-Adaptec 19mm and 15mm adapters
-B&G RS2 coil overs
-Adam's Rotors 334mm/256mm (black hubs, slotted), Hawk HPS pads

-Blaupunkt crap radio for now
-Custom gauge pod in place of ashtray
-Dual column gauge pod
-42DD full-interior LED kit
-OEM euroswitch

-European bumpers
-Votex valances
-OEM Stubby mirrors
-2008 Honda CRV stubby antenna
-35% tint
-Hella European headlights
-OEM Ocean tails

To-Do List:
-Fit/finish in the engine bay

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more! more! :thumbup::thumbup:

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:beer::beer: :thumbup::thumbup:

Can't wait to see the finished product! :D

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So, I live and work in Japan right now, the 20th is being taken care of at the excellent Raleigh, NC shop called ApexTuning.
Forgot to say, big ups to Apex Tuning! Been going there for a good 4-5 years now. Anyone in the Raleigh area needs to take their cars to these guys :thumbup: :beer:

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I knew there was some reason for all the VW knowledge :laugh:
In for moar build thread :wave::thumbup::beer:
This build isn't the reason. Doing VWs since 1998 is. But thanks :thumbup:

What comp are you gonna run? Good to see a motor build in these parts:thumbup:
9.5:1. 2.0 stroker. Should drive nicely off boost.

r32 brakes FTW!!!!! i have the same set up sitting in my shop and the only thing holding me back is im worried that my pedal travel will increase? let me know if you see a change.
Well, I let you know in september when I get to drive it for the first time. I would assume that with a good bleed and proper working components, that the pedal should feel like any other R32. They don't have a different booster or anything. And I've driven a MK4 back to back with other MK4 cars... I don't remember the pedal feeling any if at all different. We'll see.

It's going to be hard to determine how much the pedal travel and feel has changed, since I haven't driven the 20th since thanksgiving of 2011....

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Also, previous mods include:
VF mounts
Forge short shifter
Full 42DD exhaust (will be mated to the new PagParts downpipe)
B&G coils
Uni stage 2 software (will be 870 file)
Mason Tech great plates
Hella e-codes
Euro switch
W8 overhead console
All red tails
MB S600 wheels
I think that's it...

I'll post updates as I get them. Should be happening fairly rapidly as this car needs to be on the road within 30 days.
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