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Can't afford H2O Road Trip 9/14-17

J-J Man and myself have been contemplating a road trip during the weekend of H2O. Neither of us can afford to make the second trip back down south (as we both went to Waterfest.)
The first leg will start with James driving up on...
Thursday night from Manchester, NH to Plymouth, NH where I attend PSU on Thursday night. The night will include a hefty amount of partying as it is at PSU. All who wish to attend are more then welcome. We would like an OVER 21 crowd though.
Friday, mid-morning, we'll get back into our steeds and cruise over some senic roads into Vermont. Our first stop will be the Magic Hat Brewing Company for a tour, taste testing and purchasing of a few growlers. If the weather is nice Camping at a local state park will insue along with consuming the beverages we'd purchased at MH.
Saturday we'll make a little journey over to the Adirondak region of New York for a lovely drive through the mountains and then going north up to Lake Champlain to maybe get a glimpse of the monster. The final leg of the day will be a cruise back into NH camping again if the weather is nice at hopefully a campground with Mt. Washington in the backround.
Sunday will be a trek back to where it is you came from with smiles and a thousand miles on your car.

Let either of us know if you would like to attend. There is plenty of room to crash at my apartment in Plymouth on the first night. Parking details can be discussed if there is sinificant intrest. Hope to hear from a few of you!

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