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Guyz... New Passat V6 or Lexus ES 300 ?

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same price, that's wht i know!
i think they're all attractive ...
umm, the german safety is better , i guess
does anyone know something else? i'm about to buy Passat...
but plz tell me if someone had experiense with that ES...
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Re: Guyz... New Passat V6 or Lexus ES 300 ? (mazenmax)

Oh, that's an easy one...get the Passat!
Re: Guyz... New Passat V6 or Lexus ES 300 ? (sbachmeier)

Just test drive both make a logical look over view of all your options
Re: Guyz... New Passat V6 or Lexus ES 300 ? (mazenmax)

Similarly equipped they are not close to being the same price - the Passat will be thousands less.
Re: Guyz... New Passat V6 or Lexus ES 300 ? (mazenmax)

You can get a Passat 4Motion (all wheel drive) wagon for the price of the ES300; the front wheel drive Passat V6 sedan is much lower priced than the ES.
Either choice is a great car, but the driving personalities are quite different: As compared to the Lexus, the Passat is much more sporty. If never going in for service is the aim, the Lexus will win. I would buy a 4motion Passat if the price is acceptable.
Re: Guyz... New Passat V6 or Lexus ES 300 ? (mazenmax)

For sure you'll want to drive both, since they're both great cars.
It looks like Toyota has done quite a good job with the Lexus this year; sitting in one, you get the impression that it has a quality feel and a touch of class. However, I personally wouldn't consider it because the engine is 10 years old(I think it's the same V6 as always but I'm not sure) and it's essentially a dressed-up Camry.
You could check it out though, it just might be your cup of tea. It won't offer the performance or handling of a Passat V6 but it might be more comfortable.
Re: Guyz... New Passat V6 or Lexus ES 300 ? (Jason D)

Get the Es300
I had one before I traded it in for the passat, but poor dealership service, lots of things breaking and creaking on my passat has led me to really regret doing that. FYI my ES300 wass only 3 years old when I fell in love with the passat and ended up making this mistake.
The service you get from lexus is well worth "the driving experiece" that you get from a VW. Sorry to say this but it is true, I have been on both sides and that is how i feel.
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