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Leaking 96 Diesel Injection Pump
Started to smell bad few weeks ago.
At first leak was very minute but I could not find its location.
Next my cooling pipes started to melt.
I leakes from under the pump (can't find from where)(not from the shaft nor any ideling screws )
Car was still running Ok.
I came back from 2 weeks vacation and now can't even start it up.
Any helpful hints or suggestions ?
Who does the best job at fixing diesel pumps in GTA area?
I love my car ,drove 400 k ,most other parts where replaced with new ones, so it is worth to keep it.
On my previous Mk II (1989 TD ) I did over 800.000 km without any repaires (drove it for 9 years)
Thanks in advance

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Re: (wandaz)

Thanks to all for directing me to Giles.
I just got my car back !
What a power this car has.
I'm so excited!
The only bad thing is that now I might catch a speeding ticket ........
Before I was safe.....
just kidding...
Thanks again to all of You for help
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