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We have a few sets of the Performance Street Coilovers available for $1199.95. These lower the car in the front 1.2-2.5 inches and 1.3-2.4 in the rear.
We are also offering the Ultra Low Coilovers for $1329.95. These drop the front 1.5-2.8 inches and the rear 1.5-2.75 inches.
Why choose H&R? How about a lifetime warranty for starters. Utilizing the latest in dynamic damper technology and springs, H&R Coilovers are developed to be the finest suspension components available for your VW.
With a ground-up threaded body design (not just modified shock bodies), H&R Coilovers are height adjustable to fine tune handling, looks, and ride-height. These suspension components are stiff without harshness - ideal for club racing, driver schools, and spirited daily driving!
Unlike lots of other suspension brands on the market, H&R manufacturers all their own springs for their kits guaranteeing consistent results. Other suspension companies buy springs from several sources, which leads to inconsistent results among their products. Unless you know who makes the springs for the other companies' kits, you really don't know what kind of performance you are going to end up with.
Have you been through our H&R Factory Tour?
Please contact us with any questions.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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