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H&R coilovers???? How do they ride????/

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Hey, does anyone here have the H&R coilovers? How do they ride? How much did oyu pay and where you get them from? They will go on my 1997 Golf GL 4 door. WHat do oyu think?
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Re: H&R coilovers???? How do they ride????/ (snuffyboy3)

quote:[HR][/HR]...i just had them put on yesterday...they are adjusted really high now, but still feel nice, stiff, but feels like theres an actuall suspension in there...compared to my AVOs, the H&Rs feel nice...cant wait to adjust them...[HR][/HR]​
How stiff is it, do you feel ever crack in the road now?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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