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H&R Coilovers (Stage 4)?

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(1) Where can I get the best price? URLs? Shops?
I noticed at http://www.hrspring.com that H&R requires MkIV VW's to change the following
quote:[HR][/HR]Spacers are required when the stock wheel/tire combination is used.
When lowering the chassis more than 1.4", you must use H&R special front sway bar number 900.525.01, to accommodate drive shaft clearance.[HR][/HR]​
What does that mean?
I have a 1.8T Jetta and run on OEM 18x7" BBS RC's w/ OE 225/40 ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport from the 25th Anniversary Edition GTi, will I need to mod my car to the above?
I want the same drop on Snwbrdr's GTi!
Can I accomplish the same drop with Eibach's Pro System + spring kit (1.3")?
I do not plan on adjusting the dampers/height. I just want a 1-1.5" gap from the tire to the wheel arch.

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