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H&R Coilovers (Stage 4)?

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(1) Where can I get the best price? URLs? Shops?
I noticed at http://www.hrspring.com that H&R requires MkIV VW's to change the following
quote:[HR][/HR]Spacers are required when the stock wheel/tire combination is used.
When lowering the chassis more than 1.4", you must use H&R special front sway bar number 900.525.01, to accommodate drive shaft clearance.[HR][/HR]​
What does that mean?
I have a 1.8T Jetta and run on OEM 18x7" BBS RC's w/ OE 225/40 ZR18 Michelin Pilot Sport from the 25th Anniversary Edition GTi, will I need to mod my car to the above?
I want the same drop on Snwbrdr's GTi!
Can I accomplish the same drop with Eibach's Pro System + spring kit (1.3")?
I do not plan on adjusting the dampers/height. I just want a 1-1.5" gap from the tire to the wheel arch.

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Re: H&R Coilovers (Stage 4)? (2001Bora)

i don't know if you've seen my car, but my car is dropped more than the pro-kit you want. i'm looking to get a bigger drop, but i'll figure that out after i put my wheels on. my car is kinda low, but not that low. if you want everything perfect, get coilovers. you will probably be paying at least 1200 for H&R coils, if not more. it doesn't really matter what kind of tires you're running or what car they came off of, what IS important are the specs of those wheels. you're going to want to know offset whether those wheels need spacers or anything like that. the sway bar is important to have. knocking on your driveshaft is a bad bad idea.

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