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H&R coilovers

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H&R coilovers, help.

Looking into getting the ultra low H&R's spec'd at 2.7-4.0. The shocks are not adj. Is this a big deal? They say the shocks are precision matched. The car is primarily street with rare Auto X and occasional drag. A max height of 2.7 seems pretty low. Will I need to roll my lips with 17X7-7.5 running a 205/40? I really want my car dumped, but tons of clearance issues may not be worth it. I have no experience with a car this low, so I really need some help. Any pics would be great too- on a Jetta-A3. There is also the option of 3.2-5.0, I think that is a bit out of my league though. Can Camber be pulled in whithin 1 or 2 degrees of recommended?

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