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H&R Cup kits

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I would like to know peoples opinion, impressions, likes, dislikes for a H&R cup kit.
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Re: H&R Cup kits (MK320LGolf)

I'll have one on my gti vr6 in 4 weeks!
Re: H&R Cup kits (MK320LGolf)

I love mine on my 2.0L 95 SPORT. Real nice and not too bad on the lovely streets of Wash DC. I've also got a Neuspeed 28mm rear sway bar and the car can turn like it's on rails. If your not into "slamming" your car get the H&R kit, if you want adjustability then get the H&R coilovers.
Re: H&R Cup kits (Johnny G)

Love mine even more now, ( see my post Have H&R cup kit, read this)
When stock the front is pretty low. The balance of dampening and spring rate is very good. I have driven my friends GTI w/ H&R coilovers and thought that was much bouncier.
Re: H&R Cup kits (MK320LGolf)

I just switched from Bilstein/H&R sports set up to a cup kit. The cup kit sucks up bumps better and doesn't drift over bumps while cornering. It sticks to the ground better in my opinion. And the drop...MMMmmmm delicious, that was my main reason for switching. The drop wasn't enough for me in the front on the H&R sports. Now it's perfect.
Re: H&R Cup kits (tastydub)

What's the best price out there for the cup kit.
I've seen if for $620 & $619 has anyone seen it lower...
Re: H&R Cup kits (Don't Have One)

That's for an A3... They want $620 for the A4...But thanks
Re: H&R Cup kits (G-wrench)

My bad, didn't realize you had an A4.
Re: H&R Cup kits (Don't Have One)

how much is the drop.........?
i have a 91 gti 8v( in the future i wanna vr6 swapp in there)., can i just get springs for the vr6 instead of getting it for the 8v and replcing them later..what will happing if i run the vr6 cup kit with a 8v engine.?will it be too high? i don't know..?
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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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