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H&R stage one coilover how to adjust...a3 jetta???...

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...i just got my H&R coilivers and i asked it to be high, but he put it to like factory...its 4x4...i cant take it, he said i could easily adjust them myselfs...anyone got any tips?...any info or wut to watch ot for...thanks in advance...
p.s. there are 2 springs the big one and the little one on the bottom, im asking becuase it says that the little one should always be compressed...

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Re: H&R stage one coilover how to adjust...a3 jetta???... (snuffyboy3)

Use your spanner wrenches and run the collars down. Any big differences and you will need to get an alignment afterward. Use a measuring tape so you can keep track of your changes and keep things even.
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