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these coilovers were put on my c2008 audi a4 quattro at 20 thousand miles after i had a koni/eibach set up and i literaly drove the car 30 miles all highway from school and back 5 days a week for 3 months and then finished school and now the car is on air and they were just removed the other day

pictures were taken right after removal and i have zero cleaning supplies(steel wool,wire brush, vinegar etc to remove the light surface oxidation....but a lil elbow grease and these supplies they will look brand new , all bushings and seals are mint condition and car rides amazing an they only have 2000 miles on them if that and these coils are going for 1350-1400 and i bought them 5 months ago for 1600 so i think 800 is a great price

for a quick response text me at 6092767011 dont waste my time if you dont have cash in hand and are ready to buy

willing to ship at buyers expense
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