While the main event takes place at Fort Whaley, most of the action at H20 International can be found on Ocean City's Coastal Highway.   This serves to be both a blessing and a curse for most attendees as they can see a majority of the show cars in attendance by cruising around the strip, but with an abundance of get togethers going on during the weekend, it can be overwhelming.  Luckily for those making the drive to Maryland this weekend (or those who are already there), user meechelle has created a master list of where and when each off-site gathering will take place.  You can find that chart below-
2014 H2Oi GTG listing by date
09/26/20141:00pmShaved Bay GTGGold Coast Mall, 112th StShaved Bay GTG
09/26/20143:00-5:00pmH2Oi ’14 — Underwraps Automotive x Condukt.co GTGInlet Parking lot, Ocean City, MD (very bottom of the boardwalk)H2Oi ’14 — Underwraps Automotive x Condukt.co GTG  or Condukt.co X Underwraps Automotive GTG - H2Oi 2014 - Vortex Thread
09/26/20143:00pmStroller GTG 2014Northside Recreation park on 125thStroller GTG 2014
09/26/20143:00pmDapper x FLGNTLT present: A Family Gathering @ H20 InternationalConvention Center (Side Lot Across from 39th)Dapper x FLGNTLT present: A Family Gathering @ H20 International
09/26/20145:00pmScene Point / Instagram Fame MeetFood Lion, 11801 Coastal HwyScene Point / Instagram Fame Meet
09/26/20145:00pmH2Oi 2014 MKV gtgBaja go-kart tracks, 12639 ocean gateway ocean cityH2Oi 2014 MKV gtg
09/26/20145:30pmDiesel GTG 2014WEST OCEAN CITY PARK & RIDE, 12848 Ocean Gateway, Ocean CityDiesel GTG 2014
09/26/20146:00pm2014 H2Oi Forced Induction GTGJolly Roger, 30th St, Front Parking Lot2014 H2Oi Forced Induction GTG
09/26/20146:00pm2014 nutswungnation GTGRose's at 94th StTBD
09/26/20146:00-8:00pm7th Annual FRIDAY NIGHT GTG at H2Oi - aka Corrado GTG14401 Sinepuxent Avenue Ocean City, MD7th Annual FRIDAY NIGHT GTG at H2Oi
09/26/20147:00pmWagons of H2O 2014 GTGHoliday Inn @ 112th StWagons of H2O 2014 GTG
09/27/20148-10:00am6th Annual Ladies of H2Oi GTG and PhotoshootHooper's Crab House, 12913 Ocean Gateway6th Annual Ladies of H2Oi GTG and Photoshoot
09/27/201411:00am2014 Chipotle GTGChipotle Mexican Grill 12909 Ocean Gateway, Ocean City2014 Chipotle GTG
09/27/201411am-2pm2014 H2Oi MK4 GTGWalmart, 11416 Ocean Gateway, Berlin2014 H2Oi MK4 GTG
09/27/201412pm noonH20i VW Girls Official Meet & GreetRose's, 94th StTBD
09/27/201412pm noonCanibeat MASH H2oi (bring your bikes, cruise on Coastal Hwy to the 45th St Taphouse)99th St Mall Parking Lot
09/27/201412pm noonNo Radiator GTG 2014Ocean Bites parking lot right by the Jolly Rogerno radiator gtg 2014
09/27/201412pm noonOfficial 4th Annual MK3 GTG - KickballNorthside Recreation park on 125thOfficial 4th Annual MK3 GTG - Kickball
09/27/201412pm noonH2Oi 2014 Wrong Fitment Crew X Mazda Fitment GTGRose's at 94thH2Oi 2014 Wrong Fitment Crew X Mazda Fitment GTG
09/27/201412:00-2:30pm2014 H2oi MK6 GTGInlet Parking Lot, Bottom of the Boardwalk2014 H2oi MK6 GTG
09/27/201412:30-3:30pmOfficial United Motorsport H2Oi 2014 GTGNorthside Park, 125th StOfficial United Motorsport H2Oi 2014 GTG
09/27/20142-5:00pmMk1/Mk2 gtgWalmart Parking lot, 11416 Ocean Gateway, Berlin - near the recycling dumpstersSearch if you must
09/27/20142:00pmFlipzco H2o Enthusiast GTGGold Coast Mall,112th StNo link
09/27/20143:00pm*AirdOut Official Air Ride Meet*Inlet Parking Lot, S 2nd St, Bottom of the BoardwalkAirdOut Official Air Ride Meet
09/27/20143:00pmOfficial .:R32 GTG 2014Gold Coast Mall 112th StOfficial .:R32 GTG 2014
09/27/20143:00pm*The Official 2014 H2Oi TT GTG*Super Walmart Parking lot, 11416 Ocean Gateway, BerlinThe Official 2014 H2Oi TT GTG
09/27/20143:00pm\\ 1st Annual Minitruck G2G //Yes this includes VW Caddy'sComfort Inn Gold Coast, 11201 Coastal Hwy\\ 1st Annual Minitruck G2G //
09/27/20144:00pmTopless (Cabrio/cabriolet/EOS) GTG at H2OJolly Roger Parking LotTopless (Cabrio/cabriolet/EOS) GTG at H2O  or  Link to Facebook event
09/27/20144-6:00pmLGBT GTGLost Treasure Golf, 13903 Coastal HwyLGBT GTG
09/27/20144-6:00pmH2oi Low Class Society Meet 2014Denny's, 11201 Coastal HwyH2oi Low Class Society Meet 2014
09/27/20144:30pm~~Audi B5 meet/photo shoot~~Roses at 94th~~Audi B5 meet/photo shoot~~
09/27/20144:30pmRoyal Stance gtgRoses at 94thRoyal Stance gtg
09/27/20145:00pmOfficial VR GTG 2014Gold Coast Mall 112th StOfficial VR GTG 2014
09/27/20145:30Honda Ruckus G2GBeach Plaza Hotel parking lot, 1301 Atlantic AveHonda Ruckus G2G
09/27/20146:00pm3rd Annual H2Oi Beer SwapNorthside Recreation park on 125th - Tentative3rd Annual H2Oi Beer Swap
09/27/20146:00pm2014 audi gtgRose's Stores, 94th Street2014 audi gtg
09/27/20146:00pmH20 2014 2.5l MeetDumsers at 49th StH20 2014 2.5l Meet
09/27/20146:30 to duskBeetle gtgOther side rt90 bridge, right on St.Martinneck rd. left on Sawgrasspoint rdBeetle gtg
09/27/20146:30pmThe H2Oi Misfits MeetNorthside Park - 127th & Jamaica AveThe H2Oi Misfits Meet
09/27/20147:00pm2014 Supercharger GTGJolly Roger at 30th2014 Supercharger GTG
09/27/20147:00pmOfficial Passat/CC/Phaeton GTG 2014Hooters, 501 Atlantic AveOfficial Passat/CC/Phaeton GTG 2014
09/27/20147:00pmUltimate Klasse Gruppe GTGRose's at 94thUltimate Klasse Gruppe GTG
09/28/20148:30am Roll out to showScirocco & All Other MK1 Entrance to Show as a GroupHome Depot, 11416 Ocean Gateway, BerlinScirocco and all other mk1 entrance to H2oi 2014 and other plannings
TBDTBDrat style/rat look meet 2014TBDrat style/rat look meet 2014
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It is important to know that these times are subject to change based on misbehavior resulting in Police intervention, such as burnouts, hard launches, speeding and other unwelcome shenanigans.  We'd recommend that if your gathering is in a large parking lot (such as Roses on 94th), you patronize the business or park out of the way to keep everyone happy, act respectful and don't be the one to get the meet shut down.

Be sure to keep an eye on the GTG Thread (linked below) for the latest information and updates.