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Half Flare

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Anybody got other cars with this little half flare on the back?
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Re: Half Flare (respectVW)

I don't think its a flair, just a gravel guard
Re: Half Flare (respectVW)

I used to have those on my 85 jetta...
though I lost one a couple years ago.. and it became a serious problem.. the holes that they pressed into (normally sealed).. started to collect water.. and rust out

I recently had to rebuild the whole fender out of fiberglass...
( I started grinding.. hoping to get down to shiny metal.. and before I knew it, my fender was gone)
and I've since put full flares on. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Half Flare (lyledriver)

i have 4 or 5 sets of them if anybody wants a set they are for sale
Re: Half Flare (respectVW)

All cars w/o the full flares have these. They date back to the A1s. It's a stone guard.
Re: Half Flare (gti_matt)

there are actually two types of these wider ones were on newer standards
Re: Half Flare (vw problems)

I had them on my coupe until I drove in the snow they fell off somehow.
Re: Half Flare (hoodita)

i got them on my car. very expensive modification, cost mucha peso's.
Re: Half Flare (The_Hamster)

Half flares are the shiz. Tony only rolls the shiz.
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Re: Half Flare (1992jetta-2)

quote:[HR][/HR]stone guard eh??
one thing i dont like about golfs[HR][/HR]​

jetta's, too, my man... strip models of bolth got them... i like the smaller ones.. with no other flares or door trim like the very top pic ^^^ looks sweet...
Re: Half Flare (vw problems)

they are alled spats. vwproblems how much do u want for them? shoot me a email at [email protected]
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