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hall sender loose

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ive been starting to try to find my hesitation problem and cold running problem. ive noticed my hall sender on the distrutor is very loose. not the connector to the hall sender but the actually hall sender is loose on the dizzy. would this be a suspect of anything?
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Re: hall sender loose (eastcoastdubs)

The hall sender is the part inside the distributor, if it's loose it needs fixing, if it's the part on the outside see if it broke where the clip holds it inside, a loose outter part shouldn't affect it.
Re: hall sender loose (Vdubs)

About 2-3 months ago I changed my dizzy cap, rotor button and spark plugs, when I took off the distributor cap the plastic plug for the hall sender broke loose from the dizzy, put it all back together and it ran fine. The next day I was driving down the road when the car started cutting out and died. Had it towed to my repair shop and the hall sender had gone bad. If you look inside your dizzy the hall sender has really fine wires on the electrical connector
Re: hall sender loose (scottba2gti)

if it is just the outside, on my old dizzy i used a ziptie to hold that guy on there. but yeah those internal wires will start breaking apart with all that jiggling about. buy a new or rebuilt distributer. some guy in buffalo rebuilds them and polishes, very good stuff.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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