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Hard seats?

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Are the seats to the Passat harder than other comparable cars? A buddy of mine is looking for a car and we've tested: Volvo S40, BMW 325, VW Passat. All had leather, but the Passat's seats were by far the hardest, least comfortable.
I've noticed that in my brother's Passat as well. Any thoughts why this is?
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Re: Hard seats? (325iN2it)

Yeah, they're pretty hard, especially compared to the Volvo's seats. They do soften up fast enough (for me), though.
Re: Hard seats? (DCdave)

I agree they seem hard at first but after several hours of driving they'll still be comfortable. We drove our Passat from Denver to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course (hour north of Columbus) soon after we got it. Covered 1350 miles in 20 hours and arrived fresh and ready to go. Don't assume they'll be uncomfotable just because they seem hard.
Re: Hard seats? (ColoradoBob)

I thought it was too stiff at first but six weeks later I now think the front seats are the best pieces of furniture we own.
Re: Hard seats? (325iN2it)

The seats in the Passat (when they don't squeak) are fabulous, especially when you have lumbar support. As others have mentioned, you can drive for hours without fatigue. Mercedes-Benz used to be famous for its firm seats, and garnered much praise from many owners and auto magazines for legendary support over many hours of driving, but they went to softer seats, and after driving my brother's S320 to Colorado, I say the seats in the Passat are more comfortable. The only thing the M-B has over the Passat is the seat bottom is longer and is adjustable.
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Re: Hard seats? (325iN2it)

Never thought of them as hard myself. Just about right I guess, now that I think about it.

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Re: Hard seats? (BBear)

Go check out Mercedes seats. The last time I sat in one it seemed like I was sitting on a leather-covered pile of bricks.
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I thought they were really hard when I got mine, and they probably are, but I like them. I sat in my friend's Saab with very cushy leather, and it felt just wrong. Mine have done me well on long drives when my old car (Mazda 626, no leather) would have had me in aches and pains. Another plus - the firmness and smoothness of the leather allows you to slide in without the seat "give" taking hold of your clothes and wrinkling them. Give them a chance.
Re: Hard seats? (TucsonRaymo)

VW has always made very comfortable seats. Never make a judgment of seat quality by sitting on it in just the showroom. Otherwise, you'd end up with preference for Jet-puft marshmallows and end up chiropractor-bound at the end of your first long trip.
BTW, if the seatBACK feels too firm, remember that the lumbar support is adjustable.
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