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Hard THUD when shifting..... ?

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So the drive to and from SNG was terrible. Most of the roads were under construction which left all of us in the LV cruise bouncing around and cutting in and out of lanes to figure out which lane was the best to roll in!!!
Anyway... i think i may have blown a trans or engine mount, but here are my symptoms.
After a while i started noticing it harder to shift into gear... more or less had to slow up my left foot while shifting into the gear. Also there is now a pretty loud / heavy THUD sound when shifting into a gear or even when i just go from a coast (off the throttle) to getting back on the trottle. Im thinking maybe its a a bad motor or trans mount... but give me your input.
Please keep in mind i did hit some pretty major bumps, potholes on the trip.
Thanks ahead!

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