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hatch will not open/close

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my hatch will not open or close right. pressing the button in moves the devices inside the hatch, but it will not pop the latch. when trying to close it, it feels like it doesn't sit right and will require slamming the hatch 5 or 6 times to close it. the latch is brand new. the striker and latch cannot be moved into a good alignment, but I'm not sure if that is even the problem. I'm at a real loss. anyone have any ideas?
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Re: hatch will not open/close (DaveNY)

the only thing that I can think of, because I had the same problem was inside the hatch, you can screw in a little metal rod piece that pulls the latch to open the hatch. Mine was unscrewed to much so when I pushed the button, it wasn't pulling it back enough. Tightened it a bit and haven't had a problem since. Good Luck! http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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