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Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle????

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I did, it has Recaro Seats in Gray/black, 6 speeds, I guess bigger break rotors, 17" wheels, full body kit. It was totally cool, even my wife loved the car. Any way, I don't have the cash to buy it, and I still love my MK3 GTI VR6. By the Way, I test drove it in Arburm VW. Go check it out.
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Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (Sho)

no but i drove a new turbo gti...
they are fast!!!! j/k LOL...glad you enjoyed it they look kinda cool now
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Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (Sho)

I test drove one yesterday. I'd take the new center console/cupholders as a replacement in a minute.
As for the engine...I honestly think my Upsoluted '00 has more oomph and seems more spry than the stock Turbo S.
Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (Knife_Fighting_Monkey)

I drove one last Sat. Very nice ride, actually, I think the suspension was a bit better than my stock 2000's... But then again, it wasn't broke in much at only 17 mi.
The motor was aiight, defenitly comperable to mine chipped. And the 6spd was WONDERFUL... I highly highly dig the interior touches, I just wish there were more REAL aluminum, and less plastic painted to LOOK like aluminum....

Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (noR)

i must drive.
Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (Brown E)

I drove 2 of them within a week of each other. I must say that it's one of the nicest Beetles I've seen. The 17's are a bit much, I'd rather go for the multi-spoke wheels, much classier IMHO. The engine is great for stock, but it could use more stomp (what couldn't?), the 6 spd is to die for, and the handling is great. Not Bilstein/H&R great, but better than the WE Jetta.
Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (Sho)

My Sister just picked one up. It's a really solid ride suspension is definetly tighter than my 00'. It has really good acceleration in 5th & 6th on the highway 115mph came really quick on an open stretch. The Monsoon system in the Turbo S sounds really boomy and muddy I thought it should have sounded better. I really liked the interior touches.
Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (Cwhitjr)

For info's sake, the seats are not Recaros, just Recaro-esque in their big bolstered styling. The brake rotors are the same size as all other turbos, no bigger. Not bashing, just informing.
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Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (pumpkin02)

Pumpkin02 -
Actually, the new-style sport seats found in Color Concept Beetles, Turbo S Beetles, the new GLI, and newer (running change '02 200hp VR6) GTIs are Recaro designed!! They replace the previously standard "VW" sport seats.
Now there's value!

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Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (Sho)

drove a red one 10 days ago. nice!
bought a black one saturday.

had a difficult time convincing myself and the missus that it was worth almost $2500 more than a "Sport" GLS... (LE snap orange was available too!)
decided one last head to head test drive was in order.
5 speed was OK at best-- rubbery, long throw, typical...
6 speed was the clincher. gawd is that smooth!
(180 vs. 150 hp wasn't all that pronounced except the 6 speed seemed to be able to take advantage of it better)
OK, now, black or red??

sold my black 95 GTI VR6 that was probably ready to fall apart.
thought I'd like the red better but the new 'mesh' front grille was too prominant against the red... the black just oozed an all over completeness of color... OK, SOLD!
I made contact with dealer thru internet (autovantage I think) and was quoted $600 over invoice by phone. (previous dealer where I test drove a red one ten days ago had tacked $250 onto sticker!)
after sitting down, he told me he'd sell it at $500 over! cool.
after only 96 miles: runs a bit tight, as to be expected, but once it loosens up I can already tell it has nice oomph (not gut wrenching but that's not what I wanted-- more civilized). for me this was the best route, no after market chip, nocostly aftermarket mods. (yet.) and covered by a decent warranty finally! it'll take a bit to get used to the driving location within the glazing...(How far away is that windshield anyway?) but seats are astounding, much better than last year's. monsoon stereo does seem wimpy and muddy-- i agree with that note.
minor gnaws?:
I'll miss the GTI hatch for its utility - there wasn't a time when the storage area was too small. this one has a half round well. oh well.
I'll also miss the smoother broad band torque of the VR6...(maybe my next VW will have the 'next' VR6?) torque is down; torque steer is UP!

wanted the platinum gray, but no one had one on the east coast...
all in all so far, I be one happy camper.

will let you know if I find any glitches or fun surprises.

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Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (NJRKtect)

Test drove the Turbo S (TS) and was immediately taken by it. Wasn't quit sure about the reliability issues with VWs
. The 4 year warranty was definitely a plus
. I opted for the red since that was the only choice. The dealer had ~ $900 worth of mark up via mud flaps and pinstriping above MSRP. I told them I didn't want any of it and ended up with a $200 worth of pinstripe and front mud flap. I am not sure if it was a sales ploy by the salesman but he stated that the car was new and the dealship was in the process of adding and additional $2500 markup. He told me since I saw it without the markup that the MSRP was good if I wanted it. So I drove it home that night.
I've had the TS for ~ 2 weeks now and love driving it. I did get a chance to wash and clean the car this past weekend (and it really needed it
) . The only minor issue I've notice so far was during the wash/waxing I notice quit a bit of road grim behing the rear wheel. I would like to purchase matching color mud flaps for front and rear but unfortunately I don't thing the standard mud flaps would fit
. If anyone knows of ones that fit please let me know. I also would like to get fog light covers but can't decide between the film adhesive ones or the hard plastic. Again any recommendation would be appreciate. Sorry for being so long winded. But, happy owner of TS
. I will be looking into mods in the future
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Re: Have any of you driven a Trubo S beetle???? (Sho)

Test drove a red Turbo S on Friday. I have five words to describe my experience. "Wow"! "I must have one".

From a camaro to a TS I love it ... Nice power Comfortable
I want a chip
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