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Have anyone tried software dyno's?

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Like the ones you hook up to the coil and then process on a computer using software where you put in all the parameter of the car?
Seemes to be pretty accurate and concistent from what I've read.
People have tested them against dynojets and stuff.
Any opinions.
Here is the link to the free "Street dyno" http://www.tweecer.com/StreetDyno/
There is aslo another one that cost $40, it's called the "Home dyno"
Couldn't cost much to try it. only like $5 to make the voltage divider if you have a laptop already.
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Re: Have anyone tried software dyno's? (CorradoFANATIC)

not sure what you intend to do....but if you're referring to performance chips, go with a garrett chip hes by far the best on the market in the US
Re: Have anyone tried software dyno's? (GranTouring InjectedVR6)

hehe, no, it's software that reads the ignition pulses from your engine, and you can get a dyno sheet from the data.
Re: Have anyone tried software dyno's? (CorradoFANATIC)

yes, that was how i dyno'd my engine. worked great! but the program was expensive and u had to either buy the thingie for the coil/spark plug wire(expensive) or u could build it ur self.
But it was very easy, but u almost have to be 2 person doing it.
Re: Have anyone tried software dyno's? (audis8)

Audis8: "Streetdyno" er shareware, altså gratis.
Dessuten kan du lage en spenningsdeler av en motstand og et potensiometer som du kobler til - på coilen.
Det var Espen Vindegg som gjorde dette?
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