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Re: Have you retrofitted heated seats? (danix)

Not sure if its possible. The thing to check before you go get seats is whether the wire harness leading away from the seats is the same. I'm guessing that its not. I say this because VW has different wire harness for cars with fog lights and those without (i.e. they give you the wires you need and nothing else). Since the only cabling the regular seats need is for the side airbag, I'd guess (stress the guess part) that it doesn't have the wire harness to hook up to the heated seats.
Remember, you'd need to get the little thumb dial switches for the dash too. Since those would need to be plugged into the wireharness too, I'm betting that this could get complicated. Thus, I don't think the hard part will be finding the seats or the switches, but getting things wired up.
Someone with an ETKA CD (the software dealers use to look parts up) or your dealer should be able to tell you for sure if there are two different wireharnesses.

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Re: Have you retrofitted heated seats? (BoraVR6)

There are different wire harnesses, yes.
I have a 99.5 Jetta GL TDI, and would like to install heated seats as the TDI takes much longer to warm up compared to a gas engine.
I have a set of 2001 Wolfsburg Edition seats, which I cannot mate due to airbag compatibility issues (see other threads on that if you like).
There are two ways to add heated seats, as far as I know:
- get factory seats that have heat in them, figure out the wiring from fusepanel to seat heater controllers, and from there to the seat (a junkyard harness would help but I've not found a yard willing to sell just these wires/connectors, they want to sell the whole car's harness).
- add heaters from a place like Check Corporation, which come with their own controllers (either simple on/off, on/off with a sensor, or a thermostat switch).
I'm probably looking at option b) right now, but my interest in a) is still strong, so I was curious if anyone had bought the seat harnesses with connectors from the dealer.
My local dealer "doesn't have time for this stuff".
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